Friday, June 19, 2009

Band Booster Update: As you may be aware, the Howell Band Boosters Association has been dealing with a very difficult situation during the past school year. Pamela Glynn, the former treasurer has not turned over any financial records for the period covering July of 2007 through August of 2008. In seeking to resolve this issue, the Band Booster Board has sought assistance from the School Administration and in conjunction with them has received legal advice from three different attorneys. Based on the advice received, the likelihood that we will be successful in obtaining the records and verifying the financial transactions of the 07/08 school year is slim. Further, pursuing the necessary legal actions would expend all of our existing funds or more. Clearly, these funds would be better spent in ways that directly benefit our band students.

In pursuing resolution of this situation, the attorneys brought to light several issues regarding the structure of the Howell High Band Boosters that need resolution. At the Band Booster meeting held on Tuesday, June 16, 2009, it was determined that Howell Band Boosters would suspend operations during the 09/10 school year as the Board works to resolve these issues. It is our hope to emerge from this transition as a stronger, more viable support arm for Howell High Band Programs.

In the meantime, the support of band parents is needed more than ever so that programs like the Marching Band tailgates, Senior recognition night, the Memorial Day Picnic, and the Band Banquet can continue. At the current time, we are seeking donations of bottled water for use at Marching Band Camp and at Marching Band performances during the upcoming football season. Please check the band blog for updates and for other opportunities to support the Howell High Band Programs.

Thank you for your patience and support during the past year. Please contact me if you have any questions or need any additional information.

Carol Stone
Howell Band Boosters
(734) 604-3546

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Special Band Booster Meeting: Tuesday, June 16, 2009 at 6:30 p.m. - 2nd floor conference room of Howell City Hall, 611 E. Grand River, Howell, MI. We will provide an update on the situation with the financial records for the 07-08 school year and if time permits, will discuss future fundraising opportunities.

Hope to see you there.

Carol Stone
Band Camp Update: If you haven't registered for the 2009 Marching Band Camp, there's still time. We have to submit the registration forms and final payment to the School by Friday, 6/19/09. If you have questions or need registration forms, please contact me ASAP. e-mail:, cell phone: 734-604-3546, office phone: 517-540-6734.

Carol Stone

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Hello Everyone!

Here are the placements for next year. If your name has been left off the list, please email me at

2009-2010 Howell High School
Symphonic Band
(Members listed by section in ALPHABETICAL ORDER)
Brandon Pajur

Felicia Buxton
Abbey Good
Audra Hudson
Tiffany Jones
Rebecca Kempf
Renee Ketchel
Lauren Koivu
Allison Kucera
Lauren Lys
Alyssa Mcqueen
Carolyn Prince
Darian Wolfe

Brittany Faba
Amanda Fauer
Danielle Mcfarland*
Darian Meininger
Henry Palmer
Kyle Robeson
Zach Wolverton

Mike Barrow
Cody MacDonald
Hannah Newman
Nick Jordan
Ken Schell
Saxophones cont.
Austyn Rupert
Brenden Van Eseley
Chris Wolak
John Yelinek

Steve Donovan
Casey Epperson
Lucy Gonzales
Alex Hayden
Kyle Maltby
Cody Murphy
Josh Queener
Victor Trapp
Jarred Trella

Libby Smith
Paul Buckner

Kyle Brenner*
Caelen Dingman
Katie Gardner
Matt Jefferson*
Justin Kinnick
Alan Laverty
Carly Lehman

Bonnie Gregory
Tyler Mitchell
Jake Richardson

Nick Monak

Taylor Godfrey
Rest of Symph Band Percussion TBA Due to talks regarding percussion ensemble and soforth

The Following people and anyone with an asterisk next to their name need to speak with Mr. Smigell pending placement:
Jennifer Jennison*
Courtney Jacobsen
Jenna McLellan
Ashley Alcott

2009-2010 Howell High School Wind Ensemble
(Members listed by section in ALPHABETICAL ORDER)

Josie Doefer

Kim Chappel
Ashley Garcia
Amy Henton
Libby Hobson
Nora Kandler
Abbey Michaels
Brittany Randall

Justin Brandt
Emily Brogan
Katelyn Green
Carly Jakrzewski
Kirsten Manos
Natalie Mcarty
Andrew Meagher
Therese Mqueen
Morgan Rote
Paige Williams

Joe Swift

Katie Bondie
Bobbie Fillinger
Jonathan Lewis
Nick Leyder
Brian Rowe
Saxophones cont.
Alex Thomas
Clayton Woll

Joe Brennan
David Bruce
John Galubensky
Katie Heslip
Kathleen Janowieki
Kevin Leahy
Marcus Wendel

Jacob Bair
Crystal Reimel
Jonathan Weidemann

Evan Clifton
Connor Harlow
Trevor Smith
Troy Taylor
Sarah Williams

Sean Hamman
Katie Kubiak

Jamie Holdwick
Andrew Stone

Katie Schiebold
Matt Graham
The rest are TBA Due to certain discussions I need to have over who is in perc ensemble and who is in Wind ensemble

ok... more information on everything soon!


Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Hello Everyone!

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS TO MIKE BROWN, THIS YEAR'S WINNER OF THE JOHN PHILLIP SOUSA AWARD! Mike was the Drum Major of our marching band, the principal saxophonist in our wind ensemble and participated in numerous other activities and groups within the program. He is a great kid, a great musician, and we wish him the best!

As we wrap up the year, I will be thanking people on this blog. I would like to take this time thank two individuals and their companies:

Jim Gilligan and SNEDICOR'S CLEANERS for his continued ALMOST UNREAL support of our program through cleaning our uniforms. Even though times are tough, he has not wavered in his service and generosity. From the bottom of our hearts here at Howell Bands, THANK YOU!

Band Parent Alum Bruce Hundley and ADVANCE METAL ALLOYS for lending us all those great pieces of metal that the percussion class played during our last performance. THANK YOU!!

Next time we will thank boosters, parents and adults that helped the program!