Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Band Camp 2017 Information / Forms, Little Caesar's Fundraiser and April / May Events

Hey all! The end of the school year is fastly approaching us and we have a lot of things to do still in the HHS Band Program!


We would like to congratulate the following students for being nominated for various honors for Michigan Youth Arts Festival after their fine performances at State Solo and Ensemble.

Michigan Youth Arts Festival Honored Students:

John Tucker - Clarinet and Piano

Nick Shields - Bassoon

Howell Brass Quintet - "Yakety Brass"***

Jacob Rushlow - Trumpet
Julia Ettema - Trumpet
Madalynn Timmermann - French Horn
Sean Miller - Trombone
Jackson Bondie - Tuba

*** Jacob Rushlow / Julia Ettema are having a Trumpet Recital, with guest performance from "Yakety Brass" tomorrow, Thursday, March 23rd at 7pm - located at First United Methodist Church (Address: 1230 Bower St, Howell, Michigan 48843). For more info: Facebook Event

Band Camp:

Students who plan to participate in Howell High School Highlander Marching Band in the 2017 -2018 school year must attend camp in August. Camp begins with pre-camp dates at Howell High School, followed by 5 days/ 4 nights together at Eagle Village. 

Pre-Band Camp: 8am – 4pm @ Howell High School
Thursday, August 10: Leadership Day – Squad Leaders and Drum Majors
Friday, August 11: New Member Day – Everyone New to HHS Marching Band
Band Camp @ Eagle Village:
Sunday, August 13 to Thursday, August 17: Everyone

The Information Packet and Forms that was handed out during the info meeting and that is available on the Sheet Shack outside Mr. Smigell's Office in the band room. Band Camp Packet: Zip File

Individual Forms (that are in the Zip File):

- Student Registration Packet (pdf and doc)
- Scholarship Application (pdf)
- Volunteer/Chaperone Registration Packet (pdf)
- Additional Payment Voucher Form (pdf and doc)
- 8th Grade Information Packet (pdf)

Full Band Camp Costs is $325 - unless paid in full on initial deposit (which is $300).
Initial payment of $50 and all forms are due on Friday, April 21st.

Little Caesar's Fundraiser:

An excellent way to help gather some funds for your student's band account to help pay for band camp, instrument accessories / repairs, lessons, band trips (we have one next school year!), and/or anything else related to the student's enrichment in the band program.

The Little Caesar Fundraiser packets are located in the Sheet Shack outside Mr. Smigell's Office in the band room.

Due Date: Friday, April 7th - No Later
Pick Up Date: Tuesday, April 18th - After school until 5:30pm. Please make arrangements with another family or friend to pick up your student's order if needed.

Mrs. MacDermaid needs some help sorting orders after 1pm - Please contact her (contact info is below) if you are available to help out.

Checks payable to Howell High Band Boosters for fundraiser only. Payments must be included with the order or the order will not be placed. No tax added to orders. Please put student's name, current grade, phone number, and if they're in 8th grade, their student number is needed.

Any questions? Please call or text Mrs. MacDermaid 734-476-0312

April / May Events:

Mark your calendars! Here are the events that are official atm.

Howellpalooza is Thursday, April 6th at 7pm.

HHS Band Lock-In is Friday // Saturday April 21st // 22nd.

HHS Collage Concert is Thursday, April 27th at 7pm.

HHS Band Spring Concert is Tuesday, May 23rd at 7pm.

Memorial Day Parade / Picnic is Monday, May 29th.

**More information about these events will be announced after Spring Break / when we get closer to the events. Lock-In Info and Packets for both students and chaperones will be available at this time too.

*** A couple things are still being planned out (Howellpalooza/Collage/Memorial Day Parade practice dates and HHS Band Banquet for example). When we have the dates and information, we will let you know asap.


That's a lot of information but we wanted to get it all posted before Spring Break. I hope everyone have a fun and safe Spring Break! I hope to see you guys soon!

~ Nicole "Jade" Prewett

P.S. I am working on the background / format of the blog - so if you see some new backgrounds or such, it's okay. I am just test running a few images, fonts, colors, etc. (Since it is a new feature)

Friday, March 10, 2017


Hello Everyone,

DTE has said several time this is the largest outage in it's history.  Unfortunately MSBOA band festival for Howell is it's latest casualty.


I talked things over with Mr. Schrock, our principal a little while ago and we agree for several reasons.

1. The projection for power returning is not until Sunday for the majority of the district.  People have have not had heat or running water for over 36 hours (and may not have it for almost another 48) and many many people are out of town.

2. The likelihood that we would be able to get even close to proper participation of the 260 students (not to mention parents) involved during this emergency is small.

3. Due to the nature of the problem (people not having power/internet) we needed to make this decision earlier than normal so the word could get out.  Normally this would be a little soon to jump to a conclusion, but we feel it is best this time around.

-In the end, I make all decisions based on what is best for the kids.  This decision, as sad as it is, is what is best for them.

Trust me, we have been working toward this for two months.  It is an understatement to say I am disappointed, but... sometimes (first time in 20 years for me) stuff happens.

Jason Smigell

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Festival Times

Festival Info:

Concert Band, Symphonic Band, and Wind Ensemble goes to their MSBOA Festival on Saturday, March 11th. They will be performing at Walled Lake Northern High School.

Each band will report at the Howell High School at separate times. Once attendance is taken, the students will driven via school bus to WLNHS. After their performance and judging, the students will be taken back to HHS via school bus.

It is important that the students arrive at HHS on time and in their respective ensemble's uniform to prevent any tardiness. Students will need to make sure they have their instrument (including any extra needs like reeds, oil, etc.) and sheet music.

Students who are in multiple bands - please talk to Mr. Smigell.

Students are to eat before they arrive - the festival trip for each ensemble is fairly short. There will be snacks / drinks on sale at the festival, in the cafeteria that all of the ensembles wait in for their festival scores. This is totally up to the student whether or not they want to bring money to get something (whether to calm nerves or crave any munchies/thrust after their performance).

Here is the following report / performance times for Festival for each ensemble:

Concert Band:

Report Time: 7:15am
Buses Leave: 7:45am*
Performance Time: 9:30am
Return at HHS: ~11:30am

Symphonic Band:

Report Time: 10:25am
Buses Leave:  10:55am
Performance Time: 12:40pm
Return at HHS: ~2:40pm

Wind Ensemble:

Report Time: 1:15 pm
Buses Leave:  1:45 pm
Performance Time: 3:30pm
Return at HHS: ~5:30pm*

* - Equipment truck leaves with the Concert Band and returns with Wind Ensemble. Percussionists and large / shared instrument users will load/unload the truck (anyone else willing to help in those ensembles ^.^)

We have enough chaperones for each band for festival. Thanks for everyone who signed up!

~ Nicole "Jade" Prewett

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Festival Concert

Hey All!

Festival Season is among us, as the students prepare for their Festival Concert and their Festival in March.

The Festival Concert is this Thursday, February 23rd at 7pm in the HHS Auditorium (Now renamed as "The Rod Bushey Performing Arts Center").

The Concert will have the following groups perform their festival pieces:

- Percussion Ensemble
- Concert Band
- Symphonic Band
- Wind Ensemble

Students are to report in their respective ensemble's uniform at 6:30pm - to warm up, tune, etc.

Festival Info:

Concert Band, Symphonic Band, and Wind Ensemble goes to their MSBOA Festival on Saturday, March 11th. They will be performing at Walled Lake Northern High School.

Each band will report at the Howell High School at separate times. Once attendance is taken, the students will driven via school bus to WLNHS. After their performance and judging, the students will be taken back to HHS via school bus.

Concert Band:
Performance Time: 9:30am

Symphonic Band:
Performance Time: 12:40pm

Wind Ensemble:
Performance Time: 3:00pm

We have enough chaperones for each band for festival. Thanks for everyone who signed up!

Report times will be posted tomorrow. Stay tuned!


~ Nicole "Jade" Prewett

Thursday, February 09, 2017

HHS Marching Band playing at Winterfest Pep Rally

The Marching Band will be preforming during the Winterfest Pep Rally tomorrow, Friday, February 10th.

A reminder to the students to wear this season's shirt for the pep rally and bring all of this season's Marching Band music.

~ Nicole "Jade" Prewett

Monday, January 30, 2017

State Solo and Ensemble

Just got word that our State S & E got moved from Chelsea to South Lyon on Saturday, March 18th. I will let you know when I have more details.

~ Nicole "Jade" Prewett

Friday, January 27, 2017

Chairs, Chairs, and Chairs ---- also Festival!

2016-2017 Howell WInter Placements:

If your name is not on this list, that means you did not audition or there has been an error. Please see Mr. Smigell for details.

If you think that your placement is in error, don’t freak out, talk to Mr. Smigell next week for a score verification, then freak out.

Wind Ensemble:

Maddy Niblock
Alyssa Fackender
Elizabeth Smaza
Anna Wolan
Kasie Koslowski
Christine Coon
Shannon Carpenter
Nichole Kutchey

Morgan Chidester

John Tucker
Casie Lamay
Emily Manetz
Jessica Krakowiak
Anna Creed
Margeaux Labadie
Kaitlin Carter
Bethani Belanger
Tessa Beard
Amanda Bolton
Nora Hill
Sarah Burke
Jessica Snider

Bass Clarinets
Isabell Scott
Austin Mazurek

Nick Shields
Lillian Kuikahi

Rebekah Spoor
Zach Charette
Brayden Gregory
Josh Trierweiler
Troy Van Valken burg
Kylie Stone
Kegan Flory
Connor Papson
Patrick Crilly

Jacob Rushlow/Julia Ettema co principal
Clark Sist
Ellie Huhta
Camden Crowe
Aiden Mullaney
Billy Kenney
Mikayla Carter
Parker Judd
Adam Ellis

Sara Hoffman
Madalynn Timmermann
Ashley Dunn
Kat Ray

Sean Miller
Nolan Walter
Evan Nolan
Jeremy Blatt
Ben Wood
Dan Zeppa

Nick Broadbent

Matthew Allegoet
Jackson Bondie
Andrew York

Perc _ TBA  (Very Sorry!)

Symphonic Band:

Chloe Chandler
Marcy Mick
Saylor Payne
Cailyn Mira
Amanda Houthoofd
Jasmine Brause
Camryn Harvey
Summer Simet
Melanie Carlson
Audrey Hundt
Mikayla Welch
Cameron Setlack
Cass Morris
Becca Sizemore
Alyssa Forester
Anna Sartor

Charles Huhta

Emily Vincent
Karissa Harris
Katie Sowell
Chloe Basa
Kylie Lopo
Patti Salmon
Jade Rojas
Jacki Mrakitsch
Aaron Bannow
Emily Gorecki
Jade Newkirk
Gillian Smith
Audrey Lloyd

Bass Clarinet
Madison Van Dreumel
Natalie Sumeracki

Brandon Spencer
Hannah Lingenfelter
Will Newell
Sarah Aardal
Connor Lewis
Hannah Thomason
Sam Spiker
Savannah Grubaugh
Joe Barton
Rebecka Perkins
Blake Stevens

Mike Farrell
Shanna Miller
Molly Lee
Michael Robinson
Jacob House
Breann Mcarter
Paula Lepecki
Joseph Schafer
Connor Scott
Cody Gerkin
Austin Woodard
Michael Davey
Paul Smaza
Madison Melby
Evan Brzuchowski
Anthony Hanvey
Ryan Gula
Abby Holland
Luke Okopski

Chris Hackenberg
Shannon Hobson
Dora Cassar

Matthew Immel
Ashlin Tate
Tim Stachowski
Hunter Compton
Nico Senda

Nick Broadbent
Logan White
Kaleb Boyer
Mike Goble
Christina Marmolejos

Jackson Bondie
Dale Pebley
Max Greenwood

Alec Pomminville
Brandon Tann
Shane Morrison
Brandon Viel
Ryan Bartlett
Ben Masters
Zach Estepp
Josh Osgood
Lee Owens
John WIrt

Concert Band:

Lizzie Jamieson
Kirsten Lama
Cecilia Nagel
Hayley Smith
Marian Kenney
Emily Endebrock
EMily Gonzales
Holy Klasko
Amanda Peddie
Julianna Nepa
Veronica Lepecki
Sonja Sherrill
Rachel Stebbing

Dallas Pine

Kim Meagher
Austin Fisher
Katie Vyse
Lauren Soth
Mason Passinaut
Hailey Jacobson
Derek Simet
Alex lam
Claire Flory
Ava Sorvala
Michael Clarinet Sutton
Samantha Lee
Morgan Carter
Shane Norris
Blake Sharp ***

Bass Clarinet
CJ Neboyskey
Amber Byington***

Colin Dewitt

Ben Yoder
Matt Roberts
Morgan Atkins
Alex Kukuzke
Mitch albrant
Connor Nabb
Caitie Arrick
Chase LIght
Liam Rudberg***

Sharon Kwan
Mike Trumpet Sutton
Kyle Motta
Tom Prince
Jordan Tracey
Luke Thacker
Adam Okopski
Owen Wood
Summer Catlett
Austin Kidd
Joe Nepa
Josh Zamonksi
Andrew Trierweiler
Craig Stebbing

Drew LaCommare
Evan Hibbard
Zach Farmer

Kyle Brinker
Tyler Ralko
Jonathan Hoffman

Cameron Houthoofd

Marcus Banks
Matt Arbruster

Sara Guarino
Ethan Charles
Andrew Grager
Zoe Benn
Mickey Bonani
Emma Perrin
Rocco Merucci
Alaina Pitera
Lewis KNight
Zack Brewer
Nolan Mitchell
Sydney Hendrix

Ethan Kennedy See Mr. Smigell

***=See Mr Smigell

MSBOA Band Festival 2017:

This school year's MSBOA Festival is on Saturday March 11th at Walled Lake Northern HS. 

The performance times for the groups are:

Concert Band: 9:30am
Symphonic Band: 12:40pm
Wind Ensemble: 3pm

Report times/arrival times, chaperone sign ups, and etc. will be available at a closer date. 


~ Nicole "Jade" Prewett