Sunday, August 21, 2022


 Highlander Marching Band Members!

This marks our final blog or official Facebook post, as we transition directly into the BandApp for communications. The app is free, as is creating a profile - all students and parents should add themselves via this link:

Please do this now, as important information will begin circulating through the BandApp only! This app allows us to create folders with files, post applicable media, share information, and continue sectional communications within the app's secure chat rooms. It is designed for groups like us!

Marching Band Tomorrow

Reminder that our first rehearsal at school together is tomorrow!

Uniform fittings A-K: 5:45-6:30pm in uniform/band room

Leadership Team: 6:00pm in band room

Full band: 6:30-8:30pm on stadium field

Everybody needs:

  • All drill charts - we will be blocking the Closer! Have your spot highlighted
  • Chips
  • All music in folder, lyre
  • Instrument
  • Water bottle full and ready to go
  • Close-toed athletic shoes (no crocs, flip flops, etc.)
At the end of our rehearsal, our Boosters will pass out our first fundraiser for the season! 

Additionally, please check with your families today to see if you are able to attend a Spartan Marching Band rehearsal on Thursday, October 13th. It will take place after school, transportation provided. We will watch the band rehearse in East Lansing and then have dinner in Brody Hall Cafeteria (cost TBD). Tomorrow we will take an interest number so that we order the correct number of busses. Thank you! 

Saturday, August 13, 2022

Back to School!


Congratulations once again on such a fun, successful band camp! You'll find a great video of our final run-through on the HHS Marching Band facebook page. 


NO REHEARSAL AUG 17-19 - Color Guard Sectional Thursday with Kaitlyn

Mondays (beginning Aug 22, no practice on Labor Day!) 

  • Leadership Team Meeting: 6:00pm
  • All: 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.
Tuesday-Thursday: 2:30 - 3:30 p.m.

Friday practice, tailgates, etc. on Home Game Days

Practices are mandatory! 

  • If more than 2 practices are missed before a given performance, you will not perform on the field (presence at performance still mandatory). Exceptions are on a case-by-case basis (illness, family emergency, previously agreed upon conflict with other coaches, etc.). 
  • Repeated missed practices or performances are subject to joint review of position in ensemble.
  • This is not meant to scare you - we need everybody here to make marching band work. Your commitment is imperative to those around you, and we're counting on you! We also care about you and want you here with us. 

Check previous posting, "Marching Band Info and Orientation" for comprehensive school/band/football calendar. Both Hartland and Brighton are at home this year, so we will not plan to travel to any away games.

Thursday, August 11, 2022

Return from Band Camp

Good morning band families,

Your students have done incredible work this week! I cannot begin to express how proud I am of their progress and ethic in the last few days here. 

As we return home:

Busses depart Eagle Village at 1pm. 

We will return to the school around 3:30pm. Students will contact you when we are about 30 minutes out from HHS. Please be there to pick them up when we arrive. The band room will only be open for those who need to drop school-owned instruments inside.  

Thank you!

Thursday, August 04, 2022

Band Camp Departure Day

 Good morning everyone!

We still need parent volunteers for check-in at 6:30am on Sunday August 7th. We ask that these volunteers get here around 6:15am so that we can be ready for when the students start arriving. If you are interested in helping out with check-in, please email Dana Sleder at 

We also need volunteers for football games dedicated to the podiums. These volunteers will be in charge of moving and setting up the podiums for halftime and taking them down once we finish halftime. If you are interested in volunteering to do this, we ask that these people come to a Monday night practice so that we can make sure you all know how to set these up safely and efficiently. The first Monday night practice is on Monday august 22nd at 6pm. If you’re still interested in volunteering to do this, please email me, Jacki Mrakitsch at

Wednesday, August 03, 2022

Leadership + Newbie Times

Good evening, Highlander Band!

Here is a quick clarification for tomorrow and Friday's uniform and report time, and Friday’s report time. This is for Squad Leaders (Thursday) and Newbies/Squad Leaders (Friday). I realize we had some discrepancies between previous posts, so please refer here.

7am - Uniform Fittings (Thursday ONLY, Squad Leaders ONLY)
8am - Start (Newbies, this is your report time on Friday - we will fit you another time for your uni)

Thank you! We are so excited to kick off our season :-) 

Friday, July 22, 2022

Pre-Band Camp Supplies

 Hi Marching Band Families,

A brief follow-up for students attending marching band camp in the coming weeks. Your student must provide their own: 

  • Lyre: best purchased in-person at music store where student can ensure fit
    • Schafer's House of Music: 113 W Grand River Rd, Howell, MI 48843
    • Meridian Winds (HHS's own vendor): 2807 Jolly Rd #300, Okemos, MI 48864
    • Online at: (allow excess time for shipping)
  • Flip Folder (flutes: lyre and flip folder are combined)
  • Folio Pages - begin with at least 15-20
  • Rubber bands - to hold folio pages in place and flip between tunes
  • Instrument necessities: neck strap, EXTRA reeds, cork grease, valve oil, slide cream, slide grease, etc. 
At registration August 7, each student will receive a highlighter and pencil for the season. Additional utensils brought are highly encouraged in the event of misplacement. Please see packing list for additional belongings. 

Thank you for taking care of these items so we can be prepared and ready to march! :-) 

- Ms. Lachowski

Upcoming Marching Band Events

Hello Marching Band families,

My name is Jacki Mrakitsch.  I am the new Band Assistant to our wonderful new Director is Lisa Lachowski. We are very excited for the new season and the pleasure to lead this program.

First up on the agenda is squad leader day on August 4th. Start time is 7am to try on uniforms. If your student needs a school owned instrument, please show up early. We will be starting at 8am sharp, come to the band room to find out if we will be on the practice field or the normal field. We will finish around noon.

Second up, Newbie Day. If your student is NEW to marching band, we highly recommend that they come to this pre-camp practice. Squad leaders come to this day as well. We will start at 8am in the band room and take the freshman over to the correct field for the day. If your student needs a school owned instrument, please show up around 7:30am. We will be covering everything that the students will need to know in order to be successful in marching band. We should end around noon and I will stay late to answer any questions that parents or students may have. 

Band Camp Departure day, August 7th

Report Time is 6:30am. Please make sure that your student has a reusable water bottle for camp. We will have sleeping room sign ups at check-in and it is first come first serve. When you arrive, you will come in through the exterior band room doors and get checked in, then if your student has any medication, even over the counter, it needs to be checked in with Dana Sleder, our band camp nurse. ***Medications must be in the original container in a ziplock bag with the student's name on it. Your student is prohibited from carrying their own medicine except for an EpiPen and an inhaler. If your student has any medical condition that requires medical devices or splints or braces, make sure they bring everything they need in order to be successful. The recommended packing list is attached below. 

Leading up to band camp, make sure your student is drinking plenty of water. They are most likely not drinking enough water, so make sure they increase their water intake as much as they can. A good rule of thumb is “pee clear” or very light yellow. If your kid has not already started walking and spending time outside, they need to be working up to greater distances and long periods outside in the higher heat.

While we are at band camp, your students will most likely have no cell service, we do ask that you please refrain from texting and calling. If there is an emergency in which you need to contact us, please contact me via cell phone at 517-915-8425. We try to make this experience as enjoyable as possible.  We will be busy learning music and drill as well as having fun at a bonfire, watching a movie and playing games, a dance and a talent show. Your students will be making all kinds of new friends and immersing themselves in marching band.

Lisa and I are fully aware that your students will be missing orientation. The buildings will be open on Friday August 12 for students who would like to walk through the buildings and find lockers and classes.

Home Football games are mandatory.

Report time is 4pm on the field ready to go for practice before the game.

Dinner is served via tailgate around 5pm.

Step off to march to the stadium is at 6:30.

Pregame should be around 7pm.

Halftime will be around 8pm.

Game ends around 9-930pm.

Students will march back to the band room and be dismissed after uniforms are returned.

Your students are required to stay for the pre game practice, tailgate, step off/march to the field, pregame, duration of the game, the march back to the band room and then will be dismissed from there, if there is some sort of emergency or extenuating circumstance, please email either myself at or Lisa at and we can discuss the options. 

We ask for volunteers to help run the tailgates, as well as taking care of the students in the stands. There will be a Sign-Up Genius for each game. If there are any parents that will be at every game, and would like to volunteer to be dedicated to setting up our new podiums during the games, please email me at

Away football game Pep Bands are optional.

If we choose to have a Pep Band, your student may sign up if they want. It is a ton of fun and a good way to support the football team. Students are responsible for getting themselves to/from the game. We will meet outside the entrance gate of the away stadium and enter together. Students do not have to pay to get into the game as long as they enter with the group, however parents must pay if they choose to stay for the game. 

HOMECOMING is September 30th.

This is a long day for the marching band. This is an all day event packed with different events. Students CANNOT go home between any of the events, they must stay for the entirety of the day and can go home after the football game. There will be a blog post closer to the day that will have all the details you need to know.

Marching band wraps up mid October with the last home football game. We do participate in the Fantasy of Lights parade the day after Thanksgiving in downtown Howell, as well as the Memorial Day parade on Memorial Day in downtown Howell. The Marching Band will have practices closer to the parade dates.

For all Howell Band information, you can find it all on the band blog: as well as the Howell HS Band Facebook page and the HHS Band Facebook Group

Any and all questions can be sent to myself at or sent to Lisa at

Monday, June 20, 2022

Marching Band Info and Orientation

Good afternoon, everybody! Please take a moment to read some important information about our upcoming year.

Below is our marching band/football schedule for the 2022 season.  The home games are mandatory for Marching Band students. If Ms. Lachowski decides to do pep band at an away game, those are optional.  For pep band, the student has to take their instrument home, have their own transportation to and from the game, then be able to get their instrument back to school by Monday.  For the home games, we always do a tailgate prior to step-off.  Tailgate help from adults is usually needed starting between 4:30-5pm.  

Below is our schedule for the beginning of the year (football games, concerts, etc.): 


17 WELCOME BACK – first day of school

17 – 19 ½ day of school – morning classes only

25 MB Howell AWAY vs. Livonia Stevenson 7:00 pm 

26 No school

31 High School Open House 6 – 7:30 pm


1 MB Howell AWAY vs. Canton 7:00 pm 

2 & 5 No school

9 MB Howell AWAY vs. Northville 7:00 pm 

16 ½ day of school – morning classes only

16 MB Howell HOME vs. Plymouth 7:00 pm

23 MB Howell AWAY vs. Salem 7:00 pm 

30 MB Howell HOME vs. Hartland 7:00 pm (HOMECOMING)


5 CB, HB, SB, WE, PE, MB - FALL CONCERT 7 PM Rod Bushey Auditorium

6 High School conferences (in person)

7 MB Howell AWAY vs Novi 7:00 pm 

11 Late Start – High School Only

14 – 17 No School – Fall Break

14 MB Howell HOME vs. Brighton 7:00 pm 

20 High School conferences (virtual)

21 MB Howell HOME vs. ? Crossover Game 7:00 pm (SENIOR NIGHT)

Also, make sure to purchase khaki shorts before they are gone from stores.  These are a uniform requirement for those hot days.  They must be past your fingertips in length, per school dress code policy.  A marching band t-shirt will be provided for all students and handed out after we return to school.

The band folks that answer all of your questions are all enjoying various vacations.  If you have questions, and have FaceBook, pop on over to Howell HS Band FaceBook page and ask away. If you don’t, feel free to email Lisa Lachowski at or Jacki Mrakitsch at and we'll answer ASAP.  No question is a bother, or silly, especially when you are new to the program!!!

Squad leader day is 8:30am-noon August 4th (Start in the HHS Band Room for both)  Attendance is mandatory for all squad leaders (please see squad leader list).

Newbie day is 8:30am-noon August 5th.  Attendance is OPTIONAL FOR NEWBIES (although we strongly suggest it simply because it is very helpful) but is MANDATORY FOR LEADERSHIP.  Everyone should bring their instruments to these days and we suggest you bring a water bottle, sunscreen and comfortable shoes.

Band Camp - check in begins at 6:30 a.m. on August 7th in the band room.  Busses depart for camp at 8 a.m.  We will need students to help load luggage on the busses!

Packing List - Packing list available in band camp packet and here.

Personal student medications should be given to our Camp Nurse, Dana Sleder, at check-in for dispensing throughout our stay at camp.  Please include (in a Ziploc bag with student’s name):  original packaging with student’s name, dose and frequency included.  Standard aids are available from our nurse’s band camp supply: Tylenol, Motrin, Benadryl, Tums, ointment, bandaids, etc.  

Mondays (no practice on Labor Day!) from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.
Tuesday through Thursday from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m.
Friday practices TBA depending on the week (home games/away games)

Practices are mandatory!

Orientation is the week of band camp. There is not a special make-up orientation for Marching Band students. Pictures can be taken on the designated picture re-take day.  

The procedure for parking passes is the same as last year.  You apply for the parking pass on-line.  You may get a parking pass for your student while they are at camp on their designated orientation day. Questions?  Please contact Theresa Davis at  

The high school's 10-12 building will be closed from July 1st until August 1st .  If you need something, I recommend sending an email to Theresa Davis at the above email address.  She will be working at the freshman campus during this time.

We look forward to seeing all of you in August!  Have a great summer!

- Ms. Lachowski