Friday, August 18, 2017



Tuesday August 22 Volunteers needed
I need help on this morning with organizing the uniform room for fittings.  This would be from 7:30am to 11:30am.  Any adult available please text or call Christyne MacDermaid 734-476-0312.  No experience necessary.  If I don't get enough volunteers there's a possibility we would be done by 9:30am.

Tuesday August 22 Vets try on only
If vets don't have somewhere to be right after practice, please try your uniform on to confirm fit.  We must see your uniform on this year!!  If I don't get enough volunteers for this day, we will do this on the next scheduled dates.  Due to time and my day job, I cannot refit on this day.  Unfortunately, if we need to refit you it will need to be done on Aug 23, below.

Wednesday August 23 Vets fittings
I will need volunteers from 9:30-1:30

Thursday August 24 Newbies fittings
If you are new to marching band, you need to pick a newbie day and wait after practice in line to be fit.  I'll need volunteers from 10am-12:00pm.

Weds Aug 30 Newbies fittings
I'll need volunteers from 7:45am-12:00pm

I understand that students work, as do the parents that drive them.  Newbies please pick a day and time from the above newbie date to be fit.  Volunteers, please text or call me with the day or days you can help out.  734-476-0312

Vets if the refitting date does not work for you, please choose a newbie date instead.

Thanks everyone!!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Bandos have left camp!!  Estimated arrival back to Howell High is 3:30-4pm.  See you there.  Please have your student get their medication from the nurse.

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

ATTN MB Seniors

This message is for the HHS MB Seniors.

I know school hasn't started yet - but I would like to get the songs for the Senior Show picked out before Labor Day. Our Senior Show is way earlier this year than normal too because our early Home game schedule and switching the Senior Show and Homecoming.

This means I have to start writing the Senior Show much earlier than in the past to make sure Smigell has it before the 2nd Home Game (Sept 8th) - so you guys have 2 weeks to prepare for Senior Show Game (Sept 22nd).

Seniors -

Please send an email to me at with your name and your entry of 1 to 3 songs you want the Seniors to vote on for the Senior Show.

Some websites we use to buy music from:

1) Arrangers' Publishing Company Website / Youtube
2) Hal Leonard Website / Youtube
3) JW Pepper Website

Please provide the link to your entries - so it makes it easier for me to compile the entries into a survey form w/links.

Due date for entries is Sunday, August 20th.
Voting starts on Monday, August 21st and ends on Friday, August 25th. A blogpost with the link will be posted.

Results will be announced on Saturday, August 26th.

P.S. There was a HUGE blogpost made last night about Band Camp, practices, this season, and more. Please check it out!

~ Nicole "Jade" Prewett

Monday, August 07, 2017

Band Camp and Beyond!

Band Camp:

Report Times for Home Band Camp:

  • Leadership Day: (Drum Majors / Squad Leaders) 
    • @HHS: Thursday, August 10th: 8:30am to Noon
    • If you applied and passed the test, you are required to show up to "graduate" in becoming a Squad Leader. This is mandatory!
  • New Member Day:
    • @HHS: Friday, August 11th: 8:30am to Noon
    • Anyone new to Marching Band and Squad Leaders need to be at this. This is mandatory, unless cleared by Mr. Smigell, Mrs. Allegoet, and Mrs. MacDermaid.

Report Times for Away Band Camp:
  • Sunday, August 13th: Everyone - To Go To Eagle Village
    • @HHS: 7am - Check-In, Instrument Assignment, Load Trailer / Buses
  • Thursday, August 17th: Everyone - Return To School
    • @HHS: ~ 2:30pm / 3pm (Watch the Blog / FB Groups for exact ETA)
Packing List:

Dress to the weather - Currently it's being reported for Hersey, MI for us to have mid/high 70s weather and being partly cloudy. But this is MICHIGAN, where weather can change in a blink of an eye!

What To Bring:

Only 1 piece of luggage please.
  • Instrument
  • Bedding - Pillow, Sleeping bag/blanket, sheets
  • Jacket
  • Sunscreen
  • Flashlight
  • Bug Spray
  • Flip Folder and Lyre
  • Water Bottle w/name on it
  • Any extra instrument parts like reeds, neck straps, sticks, oil, etc.
  • Pencils
  • Bathing suit and beach towel (unless planning to air dry)
  • Clothing for all weather (check the weather sites for the forecast and prepare for "Michigan Weather")
  • Sunglasses / Hat
  • Two pairs of shoes that can get dirty
  • Extra socks
  • 1 or 2 Bathtowels
  • Fan* (Optional for males, females will be in the Peak and won't need any)
What Not To Bring:
  • Weapons / Knives / Razers of any kind
  • Cigarettes, Alcohol, Drugs or anything else forbidden in the District/School Code of Conduct
  • Televisions, Full Blown Video Game Systems or Stereo Systems
  • Large Coolers
  • Extra Food (it attracts beasties and bugs!)
  • Expensive (electronic) items that scream "Steal me!"
  • Hairdryers the size of Volkswagens
  • District/School Dress Codes Apply - No Short-Shorts / Miniskirts, etc.
  • Your own bed
  • Anything else that you can do without for 5 days and 4 nights
All medication needs to be in their original container (w/ the prescription label) and handed in to the head nurse. Check with the head nurse about any emergency medication that needs to be carried.

Clothing at Band Camp: 

We know it is hot and the students will be outside - but it is important for the students to follow the Howell District's dress code (Pg. 35 -36). Please make sure there are no short booty shorts or miniskirts and no revealing tops.

Drillbook Next App:

Band Camp will soon be among us - and there is an app for that ;P

Three years ago, I introduced a drill app called "Drillbook Next" to the HHSMB - where I went to the app's website and uploaded the show's drill and students/staff was able to get the app and have the show on their phones / tablets.

I was told by the squad leaders / upperclassmen / staff that downloaded the app that it was amazing - not only did it help out getting coords for any marcher on the field - it showed the formations movement too.

This app is not for free sadly - it is $2.99 - but it is NOT required in order to be in marching band. This is just an option for students who don't like carrying the drill/coords and want to see how everything is (and help out their fellow nearby band mates).  We will still be passing out coordinate papers to each member and we will still be giving all the squad leaders the formation/set packets for the whole show.

Once again - this is NOT required and totally optional. The reason why I am mentioning it now - before band camp - is so students who don't have the app but want it, can buy/download it (especially before the we leave cause cell phones lack signal up @Eagle Village). And to tell the returning students who have the app (and the people who just bought it) - that the show's info / password is:

Organization: Jade
Show: Star Wars  (the 2nd show if there are two)
Author: Jade
Password: Hansshot1st   (Han S shot first (as in Han Solo)).

Post-Band Camp Practices:

Tuesday, August 22nd: 7:30am - 10:30am -> Main Football Stadium
Wednesday, August 23rd: 7:30am - 10:30am -> Main Football Stadium
Thursday, August 24th: 7:30am - 10:30am -> Main Football Stadium

Monday, August 28th: 7:30am - 10:30am -> Main Football Stadium
Tuesday, August 29th: 7:30am - 10:30am -> Main Football Stadium

**First Football Game - Additional Practice / TailGate / Etc. will be announced after Band Camp**

We try to have morning post band camp practices because of the heat / sun (which is the same reason we don't have the students wear their marching band uniform on the first (and very rare second) home game.

We understand that School Orientation is during the week of the 21st. We got it okayed for students to get theirs done on Monday or during the afternoon sessions of their grades assigned day (if they have a morning session). The only thing the students have to do is to tell the staff that they are with the Marching Band.

Uniform Fittings:

More info coming after Band Camp.

HHS Home Football Games - Season 2017:

  • Home vs Salem - Thursday, August 31st@ 7pm
  • Home vs Novi - Friday, September 8th @ 7pm
  • Home vs Livonia Franklin (Senior Show)* - Friday, September 22nd @ 7pm
  • Home vs Canton (Homecoming)* - Friday, October 6th @ 7pm
* The Senior Show and Homecoming switched their traditional order due to having a short / early home game schedule (too close to the beginning of school to plan the dance).

Also, this is a four home regular game season - Smigell and I personally checked today with the Varsity Football Coach and the Athletic Department.

Uniform for the First Game* - Thursday, August 31st @ 7pm:
  • This Seasons' Marching Band T-Shirt (They will get the day of the first game)
  • Khaki Shorts - School Appropriate, No Stains or Rips/Tears 
  • All Black Socks
  • All Black Shoes - No White/Colored Logo, Trim or Soles
*This uniform is used throughout the school year. More information about the first home football game will be announced after band camp, closer to the date.


~ I'm in Michigan and excited to start the season!

~ Nicole "Jade" Prewett

I am officially ON DUTY :)

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to let you all know that I'M OFFICIALLY BACK from vacation :D

I am now checking my work email ( daily and if you need to talk on the phone, email me and I'll give you a call.

I'M REALLY EXCITED ABOUT THIS UPCOMING YEAR!!! I have some new ideas and I've heard alot of you have some too!

We have some great marching band music picked out and the drill is EPIC.

Special thanks to Kris, Christine, Laura, Dean, Don, Jade/Nicole, Joe, Kayla, and anyone else that helped the ship run during the summer!

Be sure to read the posts coming down the pipe from Christyne and Jade/Nicole, as they will have the details of the upcoming year's calendar and schedule.




Thursday, July 27, 2017

Marching Band info!!

Squad Leader Day
August 10th
You know if you're a squad leader already.  All who applied, passed the test and are accepted!  Please show up if you are.  This is mandatory!!

Newbie Day
August 11th
Anyone new to Marching Band and squad leaders need to be at this.  This is mandatory, unless you've already cleared not being there with Smigell, Mrs. Allegoet, or Mrs. MacDermaid.

Please be drinking water NOW through the entire season of marching band!!  You cannot catch up very easily if you show up to camp dehydrated.  It could also cause you to possibly vomit in front of your friends, which is not fun.  Bring a water bottle to refill at everything marching band related, especially newbie day and to camp.  We will provide lots of water and Gatorade.

Also, get outside and get used to the weather.  You will be glad you did!!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Hello Everyone,

The following are the placements for Howell HS Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble.  They have been placed in chair order.  The chair placements for Percussion are also posted.  They have not been put into ensembles yet because many still need to perform the minimum entrance test for Percussion Ensemble.  After that, we will divide them up and place them as well.

A few notes before you check the placements:


-Your score and placement are probably correct.  Yes, every once in a while we make calculation errors, but literally less than 1% of the time.  If you have a concern though, talk to me before freaking out.

-If you did not make the ensemble you wanted to make or did not get the chair you wanted, there are a variety of reasons.  If you have a case to make, I will gladly hear it.

-You know that whatever your concern, I will always listen and try to help you.


- You haven't auditioned yet
- You told me you weren't coming back
-You auditioned and were told you needed to redo it.
-We screwed up and your sheet is somewhere in my office (less than 1%)
-Aliens took it (less than .00001% chance)


1. Gloating, trash talking, and/or saltiness over social media or in person can result in loss of placement.  Competition is a part of life and is healthy when done right.   If you have a problem please come to me first, I will show you the proper way to deal with it.

#4. If you have an asterisk by your name I need to talk to you.
There are many reasons I need to talk to people.  Don't freak out!

Overall I was really pleased with the results.  We have two fine ensembles that will really be able to shine next year, and a talented group of young percussionists that will join the two ensembles in addition to forming Perc Ensemble.

Without further ado...

Symphonic Band 2017-2018 initial placements

Emily Gonzales
Cecilia Nagel
Marian Kennedy
Holly Klasko
Kirsten Lama
Hailey Smith
Cas Morris
Caylyn Mira
Saylor Payne
Julianna Neppa
Cameron Setlak
Melanie Carlson
Amanda Peddie
Camryn Harvey
Rebecca Sizemore
Veronica Leppecki
Sonja Sherrill
Mikayla Welch*
Anna Sartor*
Summer Simet*
Ethan Kennedy*

Charles Huhta

Colin Dewitt

Claire Flory
Lauren Soth
Alex Lam
Katie Vyse
Jade Rojas
Katie Sowell
Patti Salmon
Natalie sumeracki
Madison Van Dreummel
Austin Fisher
Aaron Bannow
Ava Sorvala
Haley Jacobson
Derek Simet
Mason Passinault
Samantha Lee
Audrey Lloyd
Shane Norris*

Morgan Atkins
Ben Yoder
Sarah Aardal
Savannah Grubaugh
Sam Spiker
Will Newell
Hannah Thomason
Alex Kukuzke
Connor Lewis
Mitch Albrant
Blake Stephens*
Caitlyn Arrick*

Jacob Zirkle
Kyle Matta
Connor Lewis
Joe Shaffer
Luke Thacker
Cody Gerkin
Anthony Hanvey
Craig Stebbing
Paul Smaza
Andrew Trierweiler
Madison Melby
Adam okopski
Josh Zamonski
Owen Wood
Austin woodard*
Abbey Holland*
Ryan Gula*
Evan Bruchowski*
Michael Davey*
Trumpets cont.
Joe Nepa*

Sharon Kwan
Shannon Hobson
Evan Hibbard
Zach Farmer

Hunter Compton
Ashlyn Tait
TJ Stachowski
Tyler Ralko
Jonathan Hoffman

Kaleb Boyer
Mike Goble
Jordan Tracey
Christina Marmelejos

Dale Pebley
Matt Arbruster
Jackson Bondie

Percussion Chairs 2017-2018

Haley Smathers
Alec Pomminville
Brandon Tann
Hannah Ward
Ava Hansen
Molly Macdonald
Mikayla Norton
Ben Masters
Emma Perrin
Shane Morrison
Sara Guarino
Ryan Bartlett
Zoe Benn
Alaina Pitera
Brandon Viel
Andrew Grager
John Wirt
Zach Estepp
Josh Osgood
Mickey Bonanni
Joey Wirt
Sydney Hendrix
Ethan Charles
Nolan Mitchell
Zach Breuer
Rocco Merucci
Louis Knight

Wind Ensemble 2017-2018 initial placements

Maddy Niblock
Alyssa Fackender
Lizzy Jamieson
Emily Endebrock
Christine Coon
Chloe CHandler
Kacie Koslowski
Marcy Mick

Morgan Chidester
Dallas Pine

John Tucker
Emily Manetz
Jessica Snider
Jessica Krakowiak
Nora Hall
Karissa Harris
Amanda Bolton
Kim Meagher
Margeaux Labadie
Emily Vincent
Bethani Belanger
Jackie Mrakitsch
Sarah Burke
Kylie Lopo

Nick Shields
Mason Hughes

Zach Charette
Matt Roberts
Braden Gregory
Kylie Stone
Josh Trierweiler
Hannah Lingenfelter
Brandon Spencer
Connor Papson*

Camden Crowe
Michael Farrell
Michael sutton
Jacob House
Molly Lee
Tom prince
Paula Lepecki
Bree McCarter

Ashley Dunn
Chris Hackenberg
Drew LaCommare
Dora Cassar

Sean Miller
Dan Zeppa
Evan Nolan
Jeremy Blatt
Kyle Brinker
Matt Immel

Nick Broadbent

Jackson Bondie
Marcus Banks
Max Greenwood


Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Memorial Day Parade / Picnic and Commencement

Memorial Day Parade / Picnic:

The HHS Marching Band will be marching in the Memorial Day Parade on Monday, May 29th. After the parade, anyone in the HHS Band Program (and their families) are welcome to the program's traditional Memorial Day Picnic at the Howell City Park. Parking Passes will be passed out before / after the parade.

Report Time: 8:30am at HHS
Parade Starts: 10am
Picnic Starts: ~ 11:30am / Noon

Students need to show up in their khaki shorts, Green "Who" shirt, black shoes and black socks (like the first football game's uniform), We will most likely use our uniforms (99.9% chance) but Smigell wants the option because he doesn't want to put our students in an unsafe situation in case the forecast gets hotter than what it is currently being reported - since they will be outside for a few hours.

Students will be taking a bus to / from the parade.

Everyone needs to drink lots of water - make sure your pee is clear!

We are still in great need of things for the Memorial Day Picnic - the Sign Up is below.
Memorial Day Picnic's sign up link is here: SIGN UP LINK

Maps of Howell City Park - We are going to be set up at Rotary Pavilion (on top of the hill). HOWELL CITY PARK: MAP 1 // MAP 2 // MAP 3


The HHS 2017 Graduation Ceremony will be held at the Breslin Center at MSU in East Lansing, MI on Saturday, June 3rd at 5pm.


Band Performing: Wind Ensemble w/ some people from Symphonic Band (They will be asked to play soon, as in this Thursday).
Report Time: 2pm @HHS
Ceremony Begins: 5pm
Ceremony Ends: ~7:30pm*
Return to HS: ~9pm*
Uniform: Wear "summer nice" - ladies can wear sun dresses (school appropriate) and gentlemen can wear a nice button down short sleeve shirt and slacks. Polo and khakis is fine also (for both genders).

Students are to have lunch before the report time. They are going to be served pizza at the Breslin Center for dinner. Students are allowed to bring snacks in ziplock bags and bottles of water if they think they will need it / want it during the commencement.

* - Due to the nature of this event, this is an approx time. The blog will be updated when the commencement is over and students are on their way back to HHS.


~ Nicole "Jade" Prewett